This lady comes from a theatrical world of stage and bright lights. Acting and dancing in stage musicals. Born in London UK but raised in Barbados and returned to the UK to as teenager. Musical background ranges from Soca-Opera, you name it she’s heard it!!!! She has always been active within the Arts either on […]

iLive UK - Director of Operations UK & Europe, DJ Jairzinho has carved out a musical career spanning 30+ years. Gaining skills in radio broadcasting, radio programming, management operations, web & grahic design, music production, event organising to name a few. Jairzinho can be heard on iLive Radio UK interviewing independent artists from across the globe supporting their career and giving back to the community which has helped him to the position he is in now.

From someone who is new to the whole radio scene but being an avid listener of great music. My knowledge of music is very special. Born n raised in London UK growing up in a household listening to reggae soul and soca I have developed my own passion for the music I love from old […]

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