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For North London DJ, VeeSWIZZLE, music is and has always been a constant source of inspiration, joy & creative expression, providing a ‘sound’ foundation to explore her many talents.

She’s something of a shapeshifter; when not mixing, she can be found leading a dance session; performing as a member of a steel band collective; posing for modelling shoots; attending drumming workshops; even doing indoor climbing.

Music has also provided VeeSWIZZLE with glue to form strong friendships – the diverse range of genres appeals to eclectic tastes. The music is HER and she becomes the music with a glowing smile that’s as endearing as the music she plays.

The spectrum of music influences ranges from Hip Hop to alt Jazz, neo classical and even prog Rock.

Like her vibrant personality, VeeSWIZZLE’s brand of Hip Hop will touch the lives of many!

And ever since Hip Hop classic, The Show by Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick, Hip Hop became her one true love…   And will always be…..! ❤️

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